Stake. Earn.
Collect and Trade

On top of regular rewards, we offer our delegators collectible NFTs. Do you want to get into NFTs? Try it with us for free.

Cardano Staking

What is it?

Staking is a great way to earn passive ADA income. You can view it as earning interest on your crypto holdings. By staking your ADA, you actively support the Cardano network by allocating resources to it and contribute to the stability of the network. In return for your delegation, you earn ADA as a reward. Cardano staking operates on a cyclical basis. Rewards are paid out every “epoch,” or every five days. Cardano relies heavily on staking pools run by stake pool operators. These are network participants with the skills to reliably ensure consistent uptime of a node, which is essential in ensuring the success of the Ouroboros protocol and the Cardano network as a whole. The protocol uses a probabilistic mechanism to select a leader for each slot, who will be expected to create the next block in the chain. Our servers are managed by Linux DevOps engineers with over 15 years experience to secure they are up and running 24/7.

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How does delegation cycle work?

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How Much Can You Earn
From Staking Cardano?

Stake with us

Earn. Collect. Trade.

Choosing our stake pool not only means you are becoming proud member of the Cardano Community, but you are also becoming part of our family. In July we started as a small NFT project. After few weeks we released first comic book ever on Cardano. Thanks to our success we were able to set up a pool and stick to our ambitious plan to help with decentralization of Cardano blockchain. As we all know the CNFT space is very new and sometimes bit overwhelming especially for newcomers. That’s why we have decided to take entry level for new collectors as low as possible and airdrop our delegators free NFTs from The Attack on Vitalik metaverse. If you want to take all hustle out of investing and researching new projects with seeing your Ada growing passively then BAJUZ stake pool is perfect for you! Each successful epoch we release unique piece only for our delegators. This presents additional value for our community members over other stake pools. All NFTs include unique features such as voting rights and special access to auctions or releases. Let’s change the future together!

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3x 6 vCPU Cores
3x 16GB RAM
3x 400GB SSD
400 Mbit/s
Ubuntu 20.04
Firewall & DDoS

Let's get started!

Delegate your ADA
and earn rewards

Buy ADA (Cardano) on exchange

First, you need to exchange your fiat currency for ADA. You can do this on platform such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken etc. After successfully purchasing ADA, you are getting closer to becoming a member of the Cardano Community.

Transfer ADA to your Shelley Era Wallet

“Not your keys not your coins.” Now you need to transfer ADA you purchased to your Shelley Era Wallet to truly be in charge of your coins. For example, this gives you possibility to stake with us and earn rewards with cool NFTs.

Go to the staking / delegation section and look for: BAJUZ

After locating BAJUZ stake pool you can delegate your funds with us. Now you can sit back, enjoy your passive income and collect NFTs without any hustle.

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You are done! Enjoy your rewards


Where's The Catch?

There is none, your funds are always safe in your wallet! Basically, if you delegate, you register a certificate on the blockchain, that says, which stake pool your wallet belongs to.

What does the cost mean?

At first glance, for a new delegator to a BAJUZ pool, it may appear that you will be charged 340 ADA and a percentage variable fee for your delegation. The fees are taken from the pools distributed rewards for the epoch, not from your delegation. When a pool produces a block, the rewards produced have the fee taken at that point.

Why our Stake Pool?

Compared to most of the Stake Pools we offer our delegators unique NFT collection on top of ADA rewards. This way we are trying to bring more people into CNFT space and give you possibility to trade and be part of Cardano community without any risk.